We are actively looking for game developers within the MENA region that can deliver rich content to our users. If you're in the early stages, let us help boost...
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Beyond a highly effective way to exponentially accelerate the user curve, hosting through Telco’s guarantees an excellent play experience...
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Red Stallion Interactive provides a white-label deeply integrated platform for reaching our young gaming audiences...
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Creativity is not about re-inventing the wheel and definitely no longer about being the world’s first-biggest-fastest. It is actually about being creative in implementing things that are relevant to the end user.

Red Stallion Interactive is aiming to be a significant publisher of interactive video games in the Gulf and MENA Region. Our goal is to be a publisher of the “best breed of” brands and franchises fashioned to cater gamers within the region. Our mission is to make gaming available to all ages and genders through…  
  • Ease of use platform
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Fun community and social interaction
  • Bilingual options (Arabic and English)